Clients Say

Have you been trying to get clarity on the right direction to take with your marketing?

Kylie Patchett - Tall Poppy Project “Having already worked with Krishna on a previous business for marketing strategy, website and blog design/set up; I was blown away by her breadth of knowledge, and her ongoing support with links, info and resources, which would be useful for us going forward. When it came time to launch Tall Poppy Project, Krishna was my first port of call to gain clarity and make simple sense of all my ideas, turning them into one cohesive business and marketing platform. Krishna is the Clarity Queen! Thank you.”

Kylie Patchett, Holistic Health and Life Coach,

It can seem daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be.

Jeanne Treloar - Sassy BrandingKrishna’s Blueprint is my bible! Honestly, before I had the structure and clarity that this Blueprint has given my business, I felt like I was wandering around in the dark! I knew there were things I needed to implement, I knew I needed to get clear on my vision and goals, I knew I was supposed to define my target market and get strategies in place for my marketing, but it all felt too hard. I didn’t know where to start. I’ve known Krishna for a while now, and I am so grateful that she’s developed her Blueprint because now I’ve finally got direction and structure around the things I need to be clear on. Working through Krishna’s Blueprint is logical and easy. Yes, it’s made me think and reassess my business but now I have direction, I know where I’m going and it feels solid and planned. The light is on and I’m on my way from misery to happiness, aha! Thank you Krishna!

Jeanne Treloar, Intuitive Designer,

You use social media, but are not quite sure if you’re ‘doing it right’ (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc)

Leonie Orton - Business WriterWorking with Krishna gave me the focus and drive I needed to get my business momentum going. She was a fantastic sounding board for ideas and ideals!! Since working with Krishna my newly repositioned business is moving forward in leaps and bounds and with Krishna’s help Social Media is proving a powerful business tool. Krishna’s Blueprint provides the practical steps and tools to get your business where you want it to go. I highly recommend Krishna for your  Marketing!

Leonie Orton, Business Writer,

Grow your subscriber list or database, but it seems to take forever?

Tracey Carmichael - Happy Mind FormulaI have been working with Krishna Everson for 5 short weeks and in that time have learned so much. Krishna has taught me how set up and run a tele-seminar which has been an amazing way to increase subscribers to my website. I now know how to write press releases, articles, landing pages and blog more effectively. If you are wanting to increase your data base and put yourself out there then I highly recommend Krishna’s services.

Tracey Carmichael, Author and Health Coach,

Develop a visible web presence that attracts clients?

Vanessa Bushell - PsychologistKrishna Everson  has been working behind the scenes of my psychological practice, Conscious Solutions, for the past four years.

In that time Krishna has helped me to build an online presence from scratch including my website, blogging and social media presence. Today, Conscious Solutions is successfully attracting new clients, strengthening relationships with existing clients and promoting to new potential clients through these on-line initiatives. My blogs and social media presence have further attracted new sources of magazine and newspaper promotion for my psychological practice. The opportunities out of these on-line strategies just keep growing!

Thank you Krishna, for all your time and effort in helping me and Conscious Solutions grow into the successful business it is today!

Vanessa Bushell

Develop your own products and service packages that people want to buy?

Natalie  HennesseyI have been working with Krishna as my marketing mentor for over a year and have worked through the Marketing Blueprint manual for both my businesses. The blueprint, in conjunction with Krishna’s experience and skill, provided such clarity and conviction of my message and intention for my businesses. Once I had that message, I then had to decide how I going to be make it available to potential clients. For Spirited Women’s Network, Krishna guided and supported me in producing products from teleseminar series that I had conducted, leveraging the potential for myself and those women I interviewed. In my coaching business, working with Krishna to distill my services into an easy to understand and effective service package and process, has provided a strong and aligned base from which to start from. Both product and service packages are a brilliant way to expand your business and Krishna is brilliant at showing you how it is done.

Natalie Hennessey, and