7 things you won’t believe about marketing that are actually true!

Marketing can be fun - fact or fiction?

Marketing can be fun

In the world of content marketing, there are many ways you can share what you do. You can write, share photos or images, talk, broadcast video of you in action, just to name a few. The key is that you can do these things, doing what you love. You can have fun with it. It doesn’t have to be serious (unless you are).

Success key: don’t take for granted what you do every day, do what you love and let others see it. 

You don’t have to be an extrovert

Needing to be an extrovert is a myth! Many business owners are thoughtful introverts who retreat to their own space to energise and re-group. It doesn’t mean they don’t like people. It doesn’t mean they can’t promote themselves either. It just means finding ways that suit you best.

Success key: find strategies that work best for you

You already have what you need

A mission. Desire. A vision. A product or service. A social media channel (Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest etc). Your phone (for photos and videos). You are probably already using these, and just need to get a little strategic about it.  You may also have a website that’s wasted, knowledge unshared, and people who already need you!

Success key: be strategic 

It’s not about being pushy

Sales and marketing is not about being pushy. It’s about having a conversation around needs that expressed by your audience, and allowing an opportunity for a conversion to take place. NOT forcing yourself upon them. This approach has grown tiresome.  It’s about building trust so that people can see your value, both those who need you, and those that can recommend you.

Success key: be conversational  

You’re lying to yourself about hating it

What could you possibly hate about sharing your vision and passion in a heartfelt way? You’re excited about what you do and share aren’t you? Does it light you up? I hope so. It should. If it doesn’t it probably needs a rethink. In fact run as fast as you can in the other direction (or get someone else to do it for you).

Success key: change your negative self talk

It’s easier than you think

There are so many cool tools out their now to make things easier, even for the most technically challenged. If you can use send an email, or use a Word document, you can use the tools available. Information on how to use them is readily available too. Just ask for help!

Success key:  utilise online marketing tools that make things easier

The time is now!

Yes. 2014 is the year that your business will flourish. You have been incubating, analyzing, putting in place and strategising up until now. Now is the time for clarity, stepping out and making it happen.

 Success key: have a marketing plan that works uniquely for you

Thoughts or comments? Love to hear them. What do you think about marketing, and what has worked best for you? Is 2014 your year?



Krishna Everson is a Health Promoter, Writer and Marketing Consultant and Trainer who works with health and wellness professionals who want to share their message, promote their service, or sell their product or book.

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